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All’s Well That Ends…

Hello again.

The “brave new future” that I started and reported on in “Never Too Old …” has turned out poorly. Basic problem? Not enough financial support to prove that the system can work. That’s the polite version. The hardball version is, the president of the company either wasted the shareholders’ money somewhere else or stole it for his own personal use.

I won’t talk about where – I think I know, but it appears he also did something stupid there and can’t get at it, even for himself.

Anyway, as of end of November, I am again an unemployed pensioner. I will try a few things on the Internet and will do my best to assist my loving wife with her new shop in Unterägeri. She has worked really hard on this, and deserves some success!

Will let you know where I am putting my efforts in the future… in the future!

Jimmy Craig

All’s Well That Ends…

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