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Anti-Google? Yeah!

Hello there,

I know, I know, there is no way that I can take on Google and have any success – I will only suffer more as the result.

This latest “Penguin” garbage just really hit me where it hurts – and you know where that is – in the pocketbook!

I will give an example that doesn’t tell everything, but it is important to me as a retired person trying to live on an insufficient pension.

Before “Penguin” I had a gross income from the Internet of about $300-400 per month (my virtual partner, Super Sue was getting the same amount), and the amount was increasing consistently. This was based essentially of two websites that were selling weight-control packages online. After Penguin, that income disappeared completely (you cannot even find the sites on Google now – they have been de-listed, like they were hardcore juvenile sex and random, senseless violence packaged up together. The sites are still listed on the other search engines, but if you are “out” on Google, you can forget the Internet business). Zero income per month. For me, that is really painful, and there is no way to know if I can ever recover some income from my sites on the Internet. My guess is that it will be extremely difficult for me, if I ever have any success at it at all.

Oh, by the way, that Penguin slap also hit this site. Try to find it in Google? Good luck!

Anti-Google? Yeah! That says it all.

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