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Ulysses S. Grant – A Genuine Forebearer

[ed. a letter to David and Catherine] Hi there, I never did very much research on U.S. Grant, even though he was a two-time President of the United States. I know that he is part of the family line from your Great Grandmother Hesser, and that is where the name of your Great Uncle Grant […]

Where Do We Go From Here?

Hi again, After none of these “jobs” worked out, I started looking for a different solution to earn some extra money. I am still paying off debts from earlier experiences trying to sell things in Switzerland. In addition, I have new expenses from removal of a non-cancerous but big (3+ kg = 7 lbs) tumor […]

Never Too Old Again – Part 4 (really!)

I still believe that you are never too old until you cannot function any more. Sometimes not even then (it depends on why you can’t function any more, not if). Well, here we go again! After the last episode in the oil business, I started working with a small group in developing a project to […]

Never Too Old Again – Part 3 (really?)

Never to old again! Yeah, really. The Badenia bit did not work out. Partly because the company itself was closed for insufficient funds, but more because we could not develop a project that any of the various clients would accept. I won’t go into details. Suffice it to say that I put together about 35 […]

Never Too Old Again Part 2

Well, everything that could crater, did crater. Talk about never too old to fail! It is now the end of October and the situation is only getting worse. We have decided to shut down the brick-and-mortar shop but Yvette will try to sell her things on the Internet. I will help her as much as […]