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Never Too Old Again Part 2

Well, everything that could crater, did crater. Talk about never too old to fail! It is now the end of October and the situation is only getting worse. We have decided to shut down the brick-and-mortar shop but Yvette will try to sell her things on the Internet. I will help her as much as I can, but just having the physical shop off our backs should clear us of continuous negative income situations. It will take us a long time to dig out, but the very fact that we are digging out will be a positive thing in our lives.

I still am doing websites for people – my first wife says the one I did for her (actually 2 – one normal and one mobile) in the spring is really helping. In the same area, I am getting ready to launch a software product package. It is called WP Safety Pin and it will provide a system for automatically backing up your (or anybody elses) WP website off site (secure Swiss cloud storage is available for free). Automatic replay if you have a problem also. Give that a look at WP Safety Pin

More later…

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