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Never Too Old Again – Part 4 (really!)

I still believe that you are never too old until you cannot function any more. Sometimes not even then (it depends on why you can’t function any more, not if). Well, here we go again!

After the last episode in the oil business, I started working with a small group in developing a project to recover rare metals from electronic waste. The theory is applicable to indium and other waste materials, particularly rare and precious metals. The idea is a solid one. Indium is in short supply with only about 15 years of commercially recoverable indium remaining. Worse than that, more than 1/2 of that is in China. Using our technology, the cost of recovering indium from recycled flat-screens is about 1/2 of producing naturally occurring indium. That sounds like a viable project, and in a commercial company, it would have “sold” internally with no problems. However, it turned out to be impossible to find financing for the project. That in turn caused internal problems (mobbing) and the operation essentially fell apart.

I had not given up on some Internet projects while the indium project was in gear, so I just continued with these. I am still going forward with that today. There are some positive results here, but nothing large enough to brag about as yet. There have also been some disasters, but the investment level is low enough that success will bring a nice return. Even a complete disaster (unlikely) will not break the bank. The various pieces take me about 3-4 hours daily, including weekends. My mornings are filled with the news, the mail, taking the dogs out and feeding them breakfast, and the Internet projects. Keep your fingers crossed for me that the Internet projects eventually are successful. I am also running a very small WordPress assistance program combined with custom website creation ( and low-cost website hosting (

whoisjimmycraig-com-blondie+tess-pict0926_180x180One small piece of news: Blondie (our 11 year old Labrador lady) found another stone to swallow. This one lodged almost at the outlet of her small intestine. This is the second time she has done such an expensive thing – but this time it was a little bit less expensive. The doctor could work the stone down to the large intestine without cutting the intestine. The stone then came out by itself. This time it only cost about $2500. The first time, it was over $3000. She is an expensive lady! We thought we had a “natural” solution in that she loves to carry a stick around with her. After some time, we forgot about that and she got tired of it, and then came the second stone. This time, I bought a muzzle so that she cannot get anything in her mouth large enough not to go down the hatch. She is getting too old for major operations like this! She will wear that and Tess (the younger one) still will have to have a leash on when we go outside. Tess loves to run, and having grown up in the countryside in Italy, she does not understand that roads are for cars and trucks and not for her. Tess is about 8-1/2 years old now.

whoisjimmycraig-com-delta-imm021-200x100We have lost all of our cats except for one, 18-year old Delta. The last two that came back to Switzerland with us were Mommie and David. Mommie was a real lady who came to us in Italy at an unknown age with her little boy (Prado, who died in Italy). She died a natural death in the apartment here, and didn’t even tell anybody. David was a 17 year old European house cat, born in our neighbourhood in France. He died this summer from two cancers, the deadly one having pierced his intestine. It was filling his internal spaces with intestinal liquids and we had to do the “right thing.” Delta is starting to show his age – he does not hear well any more, and seems to get depressed on occasion. He still loves us (and vice versa) and he is not too old to wish that he could go outside once in a while. He also schmoozes with the dogs every now and then.

I think that is enough for now. If you have any questions or want to make contact, you can use the contact coordinates listed on the Contact page, or use the contact form below. Remember, you can never be too old! In that regard, I am starting with something new – I will let you know about it in the next “report.”

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