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Never Too Old – Again!

Hi again!

Well, as you probably read or heard somewhere else by now, I have been away from geocogen for about 2-1/2 years now. But at the beginning of last year, I started working with Badenia East-West Trade AG (short forms “Badenia” and “BEWTAG”, take your pick) in trying to develop some business. The first attempts were centred in Vienna, and turned out to be a real disaster – for reasons that you can ask me about, but I will not write. That first attempt went for about 4-5 months before it cratered, which put us into mid-year 2013.

Then, we started some additional activities, some in the original direction, and some in the direction of commodity trading and such. I have to say we had a terrible string of bad luck, with people backing out at the last minute, political upheavals causing decisions to be reversed, and similar problems. Things also look good now, and the next 1-2 weeks should be decisive, assuming that things go the way we hope they will go. There are two different things on the stove, one is a major project, and the other is a nice little commodity package. Either one would take care of our financial problems (caused by ~15 months of no income), but we have been at this point before, only to have things come cratering down around our ears.

Anyway, we are now getting all nervous again – partly because the money is running out again (thanks on my part to the continuing drop of the dollar against the Swiss Franc – from 1.10 CHF per USD in mid 2010 to less than 0.88 CHF per USD now – that is a 20% drop in our CHF income through no fault of our own; and if you look farther back, the rate averaged about 1.70 for the years 1999-2000 – that is a loss of about 45% in terms of US-based income in Swiss Francs), and partly because we have been here before, and things cratered just as we thought they were going to blossom!

I will let you know what happens in the next few weeks…

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