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Anti-Google? Yeah!

Hello there, I know, I know, there is no way that I can take on Google and have any success – I will only suffer more as the result. This latest “Penguin” garbage just really hit me where it hurts – and you know where that is – in the pocketbook! I will give an […]

All’s Well That Ends…

Hello again. The “brave new future” that I started and reported on in “Never Too Old …” has turned out poorly. Basic problem? Not enough financial support to prove that the system can work. That’s the polite version. The hardball version is, the president of the company either wasted the shareholders’ money somewhere else or […]

Happy Holidays!

Anyway, I hope that all of you who read this (and have gotten this far!) have the best that is possible for you and your family and relations in the coming year. The World needs a lot of improvement, and there is no reason why it should not start with you!

Never Too Old …

Never Too Old … Hello again, I’m a firm believer of the statement that you’re never too old to learn new things. As specific evidence of this, I offer my own present activities: I’m starting what (I hope) will be my 5th career as Vice President and CEO of a new company called GEOCOGEN AG […]

Chalga, Turbo Folk, Kuchek, And More

Don’t know what these are? “Chalga” is modern Bulgarian Folk Rock music, often performed by some of the sexiest young women you can imagine.