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Privacy, Spam, etc.


I don’t believe in the violation of the personal sphere of privacy, whether it’s mine or yours. Please reciprocate!

The same is true for spam, which I consider to be an additional (but unfortunately apparently unavoidable) violation of my personal sphere. I don’t like spam – no, I HATE spam – and I will not use it in any form, and that includes not only email, but also postal spam, telephone spam, IM spam, etc.

I value the freedom that my access to the Internet gives me, and I absolutely positively detest viruses (viri?), trojans, worms, and other maladictions that populate the Internet’s underworld. I do my best to keep them off my equipment and my websites – I ask you to do the same.

I also abhore theft, be it of physical or intellectual property. I find it to be an inexcusable violation of my personal sphere. Please join with me in fighting it in every way possible.

Jimmy Craig
24 February 2010