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Ulysses S. Grant – A Genuine Forebearer

[ed. a letter to David and Catherine]

Hi there,

I never did very much research on U.S. Grant, even though he was a two-time President of the United States. I know that he is part of the family line from your Great Grandmother Hesser, and that is where the name of your Great Uncle Grant came from.

What little I knew was that he had a reputation of being a drunk and was relentless in the execution of his duties as General of the U.S. Army in the War Between the States. I have to admit that I never connected him as a family member with Grant’s Tomb in Manhattan (actually, I never even knew it is in Manhattan!). And yes, I have also laughed at the quiz line “Who’s buried in Grant’s Tomb?”

I was watching the “Life After People” series in the Internet (tx youtube) when I discovered something more presentable than what I thought I knew. Here is the S02E10 of Life After People, and maybe you can learn something more about our ancestry too. Mention of Grant’s Tomb comes in three places in the Life After People video: The first one (where it will start for you) is at 09:47, the next one if you want to skip over the ither stuff is at 35:03 and the final one is at 42:27.

In addition to that, I decided to go a little further and took in the following review, that (to me anyway) seems to be relatively neutral: Ulysses S Grant. Also the attached video if you would rather watch than read.

P.S. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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