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The pieces come from different places, but they more or less cover all the professional bases. The personal info I mostly will leave private, at least for now. Just for the record, I am married, have two grown children in the USA, and my wife, two Labrador Retrievers, and two cats at home in canton Aargau, near Zug, Switzerland. All five of the locals (dogs, cats and wife) speak more languages than I do!

The picture of the Urner Alps (direction St. Gotthard area) in the header was taken from my apartment in Oberägeri (canton Zug) some years ago.

Petroleum Industry Career Path


I started my educational excursion at Phillips Academy, Andover, Mass., (see a modern note about Andover here) and continued it at Queens College (summer session) in Charlotte, N.C., and at Antioch College (today Antioch University) in Yellow Springs, Ohio.
I obtained my chemical engineering diploma at the University of Kansas, Lawrence, and an MBA at Pepperdine University, Malibu. I started in the oil business working as a cooperative student in the Sinclair Oil and Refining Company refinery in East Chicago, Indiana, as part of the work-study program at Antioch.

Early career (UOP)

From the University of Kansas, I went directly to Universal Oil Products – UOP – in the suburban Chicago area, where I was employed 11 years, specialising in hydrocracking, distillation, and catalytic reforming as a member of the technical department. I was involved in new refinery process unit startups, troubleshooting, turnarounds and inspections, refiner assistance, and client coordination. I worked in a variety of locations worldwide and in a variety of units, and I studied and worked on essentially everything UOP had to offer at that time.

Mid-career (Coastal)

From UOP, I went to The Coastal Corporation as operations manager of the newly acquired Hercules (San Fransisco Bay) refinery, then to another newly acquired refinery in Antwerp, then to the office in Houston as manager of projects. There I directed a new FCC-Poly-Amine complex construction project in Wichita, Kansas, a newly purchased refinery startup in ElDorado, Kansas, a multi-million dollar feasibility study for a residue conversion project in Antwerp, plus project management for a number of projects in each of the Coastal refineries.

Finally, I got “kicked upstairs” to Director of Refining in the Houston headquarters, which involved throughput and production planning, engineering, project initiation and support, and refinery operational reviews. I also evaluated approximately 100 refineries for possible purchase during the 11 years I was with Coastal (three of these were purchased by Coastal).

Consulting Career (Europe) – Part 1

When I left Coastal, I went to Holborn Europa Raffinerie in Hamburg, Germany. There, as operations manager, I was responsible for the restart of the refinery. Later, I was moved to technical manager and then manager of company and production planning. I spent five years in Hamburg and remained resident there for several more years after I left Holborn.

One year with the InterMaritime Group in Geneva was enough to determine that their reformer-hydrocracker project in Antwerp would not progress. I then went to Impac Offshore Engineering in Hamburg, where I was active in foreign project acquisition and project management.

My next activity was with PDV Europa in the Hague as an internal consultant. I was responsible for operations evaluation for the German (Ruhr Oel) and Scandinavian (Nynäs) operations. The job developed into a major project evaulation assignment in addition to the other work.

I left PDVE after two years to return to consulting for Holborn in Cyprus, the parent company of the Holborn refinery in Hamburg. My primary assignment there was a cleanup of the Swiss Tamoil’s operations. The results were clear: after 7 years of continuous losses, Tamoil started a string of profitable months that continued until the end of my assignment and thereafter. I also developed the Tamoil residue cracker RCC project with IFP in Paris. I spent two years on these assignments.

From Holborn, I went to Bulgaria as commercial CEO of a privatisation project at the Plama Refinery. The technical project (restarting and operating the refinery) was a success; the marketing project (not in our hands) was a failure.

Consulting Career (Europe) – Part 2

When my activities in Bulgaria came to an end, the refining business in Europe and most of the rest of the world was at a miserable low point. I decided to look for other activities with which I might be able to support my wife and myself.

I learned SAP, an enterprise computer system for coordinated optimisation of operations and resources, and joined a Swiss employee-owned company to work in this area as a consultant. I also found some oil consulting work, including a new consulting contract with PDVE for technical and economical project proposal reviews.

In 2004, I founded Good2004 Ltd as a vehicle for real estate investment in Bulgaria, and as a focus for my petroleum-related activities.

I spent almost 18 months as Technical Vice President of GEOCOGEN AG, a start-up firm that proposed to build very large geothermal power plants using heat from deep in the Earth’s crust to generate roughly 1 GigaWatt (1000 MW) of electricity (see below).

I was involved in an effort to produce a major project based on petroleum refining and a concept called “cold cracking”. For various reasons, it did not work. The company was called Badenia, but it is now closed.

I am involved in another project, this one a Swiss technical project that involves specialty recycling for the recovery of specific resources. If it is successful, I will go into more detail, otherwise, I won’t.

In addition to that, Jimmy Craig Websites will create a custom website for you or you can order a completely customised website for your bed and breakfast or small hotel. I would like you to agree to use our hosting and website maintenance services as part of the package, which includes a hosting on the fabled Host Gator system, free domain name, complete maintenance and trouble-shooting, routine off-site backup systems with a quick-acting replacement in case of a problem, and routine minor updating for your website, but you can also do just pieces of the package, such as hosting or a website without all that support. You can see a few typical websites here:

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My wife and I are presently located in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, where I have added commercial and informational website development to my list of activities, as well as real estate in Italy.

A Third Career


Restarting the description, I am an engineer, certified SAP consultant, certified CRM practice consultant, entrepreneur, and manager, originally from the petroleum industry. My experience covers the areas of technological theory and practice, management, consulting, and corporate management in more than 20 countries and 5 continents. I speak German and English fluently, and French, Italian, Spanish, and Dutch less well.

My present interests are in the Internet, and in particular, in how one can earn money, how much, and how quickly. At this point, my main area of concentration is the development of websites “for fun and profit,” in the form of (Jimmy Craig Websites), my own company, and Sue & Craig Websites together with my partner Sue Fleckenstein in Canada (she’s the good looking one on the left, not that you could tell otherwise ). I enjoy both operations, and both were becoming successful until Google started playing the Panda-Penguin games.

If you would like to work together with me or with Sue and me to earn money on the Internet, not only for today or tomorrow, but for the foreseeable future, please contact me – it should be an enjoyable and profitable experience for us all.

Jimmy Craig

The Vice President of GEOCOGEN AG is Mr. J. Craig Hesser, who is also CEO for the Company, and a member of the Board of Directors. Mr. Hesser is a degreed chemical engineer and MBA who has a long history in various segments of the petroleum industry plus consulting in that field and also in corporate management, joint venture management, and SAP applications. As CEO, Mr, Hesser will be responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Company.

The present focus of the Company’s operations are centred around the licensing, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of the company’s own patented GEOCOGEN process, which will be more completely explained in other areas of this website. Messrs. Grob and Hesser will share the responsibilities for marketing GEOCOGEN in the near future.

( n.b.: Mr. Hesser left GEOCOGEN AG at the end of November, 2011, at which time the company went inactive, in both cases due to lack of money)

Mr. Hesser is acting in a consulting capacity with Badenia East-West Trade AG ( in Cham, Switzerland, since December 2011. Many potential activities have been investigated together and although most have not panned out, we continue to search for a final good result. Our general areas of activity are commodity trading (primarily but not exclusively crude oil and petroleum products) and project development of various activities

At this re-writing (June 2014), we have some very promising developments in the area of cavitational cracking of heavy hydrocarbon molecules, and if they work out, they will ultimatly be reported here. We don’t talk about the ones that don’t work out.

An addition in 2015 – Unfortunately, BEWTAG has been wrapped up and is no longer in business. The principals are however still busy trying to put a deal together.

In the mean time, I am working together with a local Swiss chemist on the development of a unique recycling system. I cannot say any more about that at this time because of the confidentiality requirements of the project. Ditto an Internet-based project with a U.S. lady, and again, no disclosure at this time. No names or descriptions at this point, but there will be some as soon as the project is successful.

Various Autobiographies Combined Into One

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