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Where Do We Go From Here?

Hi again,

After none of these jobs worked out, I started looking for a different solution to earn some extra money. I am still paying off debts from earlier experiences trying to sell things in Switzerland. In addition, I have new expenses from removal of a non-cancerous but big (3+ kg = 7 lbs) tumor in one leg. There is another operation coming soon – a hernia that is causing problems for me and will probably have to be “fixed” in the next 6 months or less. And on top of that, I had to replace the 1999 Opel because it would no longer pass the Swiss vehicle inspection. I managed to find a one-owner 2000 Maxda 626 that is in good enough shape that I think/hope it will make it thorough two inspections before I will have to replace it (in about 5 years).

RevShare Programs

To try to make some money, I got involved in some (supposedly) Internet profit producers, generically called Revenue Sharing Programs, or RevShares for short. This sounded like a really good solution, because there was a way whereby you could make money and the RevShare company also made money, and shared the profits with the members. I got quite excitied about this and started with a series of websites to propose how one could use RevShare programs to make money on the Internet. But being a little suspicious, even of the best opportuniture visible, I decided to use more than just one, “just in case.”

My idea was correct, but the extent that things could go wrong extended far beyond my imagination. I got involved first with a program called “Traffic Monsoon” and this was going well until the US government decided that this was a Ponzi scheme (basically using the money coming from new members to continue paying the existing members) and illegal. And since this ran in the USA, the Treasury Department cracked down on the program and the federal court case is still under way (about 18 months so far).

The second program was one called “Ad Click Xpress”. This one says that they have a special patented program to keep from going out of business. However, the way they manage this is by withholding funds from the members and – at least in my case – the funds I had built up to close to $500 over about 8 months were taken back by ACX and I ended up with nothing.

I tried another program – actually two – called “My Paying Ads” which functioned in USD and “My Paying Crypto Ads” which functioned in Bitcoins. What happened here was that the group that was running these programs miscalculated how they were going to make money and ended up with no money and tried to reorganise the programs into traffic exchanges, but these are really not worth the effort. The bottom line here was that all the members lost their money, just like in all the rest of the programs.

There were also some smaller ones that I joined and left as they collapsed, one after another. I think I made some money in ablut 1/2 of them before they collapsed, but it was peanuts in any case.

So, so much for these RevShare programs. I really like the idea, and I was even a member of a similar program about 10 years ago that was called “Retire in Six Months”. They had the same problem that the newer others did – the funds went out of the program faster than they came in. The theory is great, but it just does not seem to work out in real life.

My Own Money-Making Program

I got really frustrated after all these programs crashed. I lost about $600 total. I was not into these things in a big way, I didn’t have the cash available, but I know of people who lost $10’000 and $100’000 and even more in these disasters.

The one thing that was interesting for me was that the Bitcoin operation was a constantly growing exchange rate against US$ or any other hard currency. Over the past 5 or 6 years, Bitcoin have increased by about 100% per year pn average as measured in US$.


My first idea was to get involved in what is called “mining” Bitcoin. What this really involves is doing complex calculations to solve mathematical programs and the real cost is the cost of energy for the computers to make the calculations. The program is also limited to mean that there are fewer and fewer Bitcoin produced over time, but because of the scarecity, the price continues to increase.

I did some investigations to determine whether there was any profit in mining Bitcoins, and what I finally determined was that it is more profitable to buy Bitcoin and hold them than to try to produce them myself.

OK. So how do we make money investing in Bitcoin? There are many different ways to do this, but most of them are risky because nobody knows when the price with go up or go down.

Without going into details, I have found a reasonably healthy way to invest in Bitcoin, using a well-known method to have a positive result. It is not a new method, but well proven. To find out how to do this and what the details are to make it work reasonably well, navigate to and follow the instructions there. There is only a one-time cost and that is less than $5. You will probably make many times that in the first month you are in the program.

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